Thursday, June 9, 2011

State Shutdown

Due to a budget deadlock, as of July 1st there could be a Minnesota state government shutdown.  This affects a huge number of state employees who live in the KAXE listening area, and may affect you.  We want to know what you know, how you are feeling and if you are preparing for the government shutdown.  Email us or send us a comment here or on Facebook.  

There's a website that gets into some depth on the shutdown issues, check here for more information.

If you are planning to hunt or fish in Minnesota in the next couple of months and haven't gotten a license, it's probably a good idea to get that now.  Same with license registrations on boats, cars and other vehicles.  If you were planning to camp at a MN state park in July, you may have to make alternative plans.

What else should we be thinking of? 

Check out some of the articles on MinnPost for more information.

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Gord said...

Minnesota grows, more kids in school, more pre-school, more college students, more elderly needs. More roads & bridges to fix.
More troopers, public defenders, and game wardens needed, more professors and teachers, Not fewer.

There is no free government public service. So in 2012-13 more revenue - taxes and fees are needed. Mark Dayton told us what he would do to meet our needs and he got elected Guv in 2010. Get the rich to pay their fairer share. A new tax bracket on the highest incomes.

In Nov 2008 we voted decisively to raise our sales tax for water, habitat, culture, and parks. (And KAXE is sharing in this new revenue stream. MN History in 90 seconds, "Culturology," and more)

Republicans insist on no more taxes and want smaller state govt, with destructive cuts to universities, schools, and fewer services to elderly and the poor.

These "extreme right-wing conservatives" see no ethical problems pushing middle class people into poverty and shredding their social safety net.
My own representative in 3B is among them.

KAXE's GOP commentator from Brainerd, Chuck Marohn, preaches "reform" without specifics, and blames DFL "over-taxing, over-spending" for the impasse. Government is too big, he says, growing too fast. MN must live within its means, $34 billion for next 2 years.

Only a shutdown crisis in July IMHO can reach these closed Republican minds, who are committed to carrying water for the wealthiest elite citizens in the state.

And shutting down the state in 20 days will tell the rest of us how to vote in 2012.

-Gord Prickett, Nordland Twp.

Aitkin County, Legis Dist 3B, Congressional Dist 8