Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Will You Pledge to the KBXE Capital Campaign?

Please be patient if you receive a phone call from KAXE this week--The KBXE capital campaign is under way! 

The goal of the campaign is to match a federal equipment grant for KBXE. If we can raise $150,000 locally, this will trigger an additional $450,000 in federal funds!

Last week, we sent letters to all of KAXE’s members requesting a donation to this important project. This week, Northern Community Radio’s staff and board of directors are following up the letters with phone calls. To date, members have pledged or sent checks totaling $16,369! There is $133,631 left to reach the match!

KBXE friends and community members previously pledged $50,000 to match a $150,000 grant from the George W. Neilson Foundation.

Matching the federal grant will complete our fundraising requests to individuals. We still hope to secure additional business donations and foundation grants for the project.
If you have any questions (or a hidden pile of dollars you’d like to invest in a great cause), please call us! 218/326-1234.

Thank you!

-Maggie Montgomery

P.S.: Board members Julie Crabb and Sandy Roggenkamp (Vice-president and President of Northern Community Radio respectively) are pictured making. Every nonprofit organization DREAMS of having board members who are willing to do this! (Thanks)

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