Thursday, August 18, 2011

Without A Trace

by John Bauer
This past week has been a little sad.  I arrived home last Wednesday after work like any other day.  As soon as my car made the final long turn in the driveway ... Lloyd could see and hear me coming and he began to bark in his own special Basset Hound way.  As I pull up to the garage, as usual,  he darts in front of me and makes me stop as not to run him over.  I unleash his chain and he follows me into the house thinking only of cheap dog treats and his soft, flat doggy football.

Once his daily diet of treats and footballs is fulfilled ...  he heads outside for a journey around his 30-acre domain.  A domain filled with trails ... grass ... corn and wonderful smells only a Basset Hound can adore.  I last saw him barking ever so softly as I started the lawn mower.  After mowing for about 30 minutes I returned to the garage for a refill of gas.  For some unusual reason ... there was a deaf silence in the air.  One I haven't experienced before.  I knew something was wrong with Lloyd but couldn't explain it.  Well ... here I am seven days later and there is no evidence of Lloyd anywhere.

I often question my character or maturity because of my sorrow over losing Lloydy.  Hell!  I always make a point to get down to their level, greet and pass on a little love to every single dog I come across.   Then I tell myself, "It is what it is and there's nothing wrong with being kind to dogs.  We owe them that much gratitude for the unconditional love they give us!" 

Some people say that because Lloyd vanished without a trace ... I will have no closure and I think that's true.  However, the thought of him dying a terrible death in the woods makes me cry.  Lloyd is (not was) the kindest dog you'd ever wanna meet.  But we can't be so sure that that's what happened.  Maybe somebody picked him up and he's bringing great joy to a young family with kids.  I sure hope they can stand the sound of his tail loudly tapping on the floor when you walk by ... or the traces of foam on his mouth only Basset Hounds can produce.

I can't thank everyone enough for their thoughts and offers of helping me look for him in the woods.  The woods are very thick and impossible to search.  People say not to give up hope because of all the unbelievable stories of pets returning home after long periods of time. I can only hope that happens here.  In the mean time, if you see Lloyd out there somewhere ... tell him I miss him dearly and send him home.  

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Kit E said...

I cry too JB.