Monday, April 16, 2012

Whose Side Are You On?

by Scott Hall

Like a lot of people who will vote in November, I play little attention to and give little credence to polls and political rhetoric until sometime in October.  I wish the election season lasted about three months, or about the same length as the NHL playoffs. But after Florida Congressman Allen West's recent remarks, I may start paying more attention.  Congressman West was home for the Easter break.  At a public gathering he was asked how many Marxists are members of Congress.  He said there were about 78 to 81.

Well, I'm a Marxist, and just as there are many different kinds of Democrats and Republicans, there are many kinds of Marxists.  I belong to the Groucho wing, but I admit there may be a silent majority of Marxists that go with Harpo.  And I can respect that and work with them when our issues align, but when it's time to caucus, I'll go with the lecherous wisecracker. Yeah, I know Harpo could mime lechery, but it's also about eyebrows over curly hair.

Responding to Congressman West's remarks, many Democrats said West was reviving the dark days of the McCarthy era. Being a baseball fan, I assumed they were referring to the 16 years Joe McCarthy managed the Yankees to 7 World Series wins in the 1930s and '40s.  For Yankee haters, those were dark days. The Marx and McCarthy eras certainly overlapped, but I still wasn't sure where the Democrats were going with this.  Certainly a lot of Marxists are also Yankee fans. Of course, as you probably know, I was thinking of the wrong McCarthy! One of the The Marxists true rivals of that period was Charlie McCarthy.  Those Democrats are clever.  Not only was Charlie a lecherous wisecracker, but he was a dummy.  I will certainly be paying closer attention from now on.

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