Thursday, August 14, 2008

StoryCorps reservations open up today!

Today is the day that you can start signing up for a spot to interview someone you care about for the National StoryCorps project!

WHO should come to StoryCorps?

YOU! You don't have to have a dramatic story or be over 90 to be a part of this (although you can!). StoryCorps is really about telling your story. Whether that means talking about how you met your spouse, what you do for a living or your relationship with a friend, everyone has something to say. StoryCorps gathers all these stories as a record of what it means to live in the United States, right now.

Here's what people have said about their experience in the StoryCorps booth:

"I am so grateful to have done this. Everyone should do StoryCorps, because we don't live forever."

"The highlight of the interview was having my mother say she never knew how much I loved her until she saw my face as I was listening."

You can reserve your spot online or call toll free 800-850-4406. Email or call Heidi (218-326-1234) if you have further questions.

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