Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Minnesota Grown is Still Hot, Hot, HOT!

By Stephanie Rose

We just got a nice letter from the folks at the Minnesota Grown program, thanking us for being a top distributor of their Minnesota Grown Directory. We were really pleased to help the 675 participating producers spread the word about their goods, beginning early this spring.

KAXE and Minnesota Grown were proud to be able to partner with Goods from the Woods Up North Marketplace, Grand Rapids Farmers’ Market, Lakes Area Growers’ Market, Lavalier’s Berry Patch, North Country Farmers’ Market, Uncle Joe’s Berry Patch, and others, to help connect our listeners to locally grown products.

And Maggie and Scott chat with local food producers at around 7:10 every Wednesday morning – all year – about all sorts of delicious ideas about things that were produced around our neighborhood.

Now, even with summer winding down, these Directories are still very relevant. Remember that the Directory includes orchards, Christmas [wait – let’s not think about that yet] tree farms, meat providers, wineries, and more. If you’d like a copy – or extra copies – of this important Directory, just let me know.

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