Wednesday, October 1, 2008

StoryCorps in a nutshell

There is really not a nut big enough to decribe our experience with StoryCorps. They pulled into town, parked the Airstream trailer, and became a part of our lives.

They biked, hiked, swam, laughed, ate, boated, were on the radio and most importantly, LISTENED to what we, as Northern Minnesotans, had to say.

A portion of the recordings done in Grand Rapids were given to KAXE - so in the weeks and months ahead you will hear the intimate stories that people told, under the comfortable lights of the StoryCorps booth. People talked about wild ricing, raising children, losing family members, jobs, heartbreaks, achievements... you name it, we talked about it!

Thanks so much to Sara, Alex, Sasha, Naomi and Carl for being a part of our lives, and listening to our stories. These will all be sent on to the National Archives at the Library of Congress as a record of what it is like to live here at this time.

Check out the StoryCorps facilitator blog to see what they thought of us!

KAXE - A Community's Radio Station
The Ham Shack
Rainbow Ranch
The Phenology Guy
Bob Dylan's English Teacher
Minnesota Nice

The booth moved to Peoria, Illinois last week and our loss is their gain. We miss you guys! Come back anytime!

If you had a chance to be a part of StoryCorps while they were here, let us know what you thought...and let us know if you think KAXE should carry on the tradition of StoryCorps in the future...

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Alex said...

Wow Heidi! This is a fantastic, upbeat entry on StoryCorps. It was such an honor for Sara, myself and the rest of MobileBooth West to be a part of the Grand Rapids community for a month. I will most certainly be back!!!