Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Music from the Lab Rats – Santa Jingles!!!

by Doug MacRostie

Back in Jan 08 I declared this to be The Year of the Drum and I tried to put a new drum-song on myspace each month, which I did through April I think…

Getting married and having Baby on the way (so, instead of banging drums I was…well, you get the idea…its still The Year of the Drum imho ;D) has shifted where a lot of my free-time focus goes. So, it is with GREAT pleasure that I share with you the latest recording from the Lab Rats.

It's called Santa Jingles (as named by Amy) and it's notable for a few reasons.

  1. This is the first recording with the latest addition to the Lab Rats, my sister-in-law Amy Mourer. She brings a great energy to the process – she has the life and excitement of a child trapped in an adults body. In the recording, her and I are pounding on the trap set – for the production, I would tweak around with different effects until it got her approval.
  2. It's the first recording at the new Macedelic Studios in Alvwood, MN. W00t!

Enjoy at www.myspace.com/macedelic

So happy holidays and all that jazz – I hope you enjoy the tune and as always, ROCK ON!


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