Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Every Member Helps!

By Jennifer Poenix

Summer is fading fast (evidenced by the fallen orange maple leaf I found outside), and that means the end of KAXE’s fiscal year (September 30) is approaching quickly too. Right now, we are nearly $15,000 away from meeting our membership budget for the year.

It’s important that we meet our membership budget in order to keep the programs you rely on everyday on the air. We also want the opportunity to keep improving to make KAXE an even better radio station for everybody.

It’s true that KAXE won’t automatically disappear if you don’t renew/begin your membership, but less funding does make it more difficult to provide what our listeners have come to expect. Things like news from National Public Radio, Car Talk, and the World Café.

Last week, a letter was sent out to over 300 households whose membership has lapsed within the past year, asking them to renew their membership. We've been seeing a good response this week. We hope the trend will continue. New members help make a difference too!

You may pledge online, or call 218-326-1234.Thanks to everybody who is currently a member, and if you're not, we hope to hear from you soon.

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