Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Saturday on "Between You and Me"

By Jennifer Poenix

With Heidi Holtan on vacation in Alaska, Maggie Montgomery and I will be your hosts this Saturday on "Between You and Me." We'll be teaming up on a subject near and dear to both of our hearts: The Beatles!

We'd love to hear your stories, favorite songs, and anything else you want to talk about regarding the Beatles.

You can always leave your comments ahead of time by e-mailing, or calling the Talkback Line: 218-999-9876, or you may join us live during the show by calling 218-326-1234.

"Between You and Me" is our Saturday morning mix of music and conversation, from 10am-noon.

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Thomas Cook said...

I'm listening to Between You and Me online. I enjoyed the version of "In My Life" by Judy Collins that you played. I saw George Harrison in concert in 1974 in Denver. He changed the lyrics to "In My Life," singing "in my life, I loved God more."

The Beatles had a tremendous spiritual influence on my generation. With their visit to the Maharishi, songs like "Across the Universe" and "Within You, Without You," they helped us think more deeply about the meaning of life. This led me to the spiritual path on which I'm currently traveling, which involves raja and karma yoga (meditation and good works).

Harrison carried on in this direction with many of his songs, including "Material Word" and "My Sweet Lord."

Good show!