Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monday Morning On KAXE: Learning Ojibwe at the Bug O Nay Gee Shig School

by Scott Hall

The Niigaane Ojibwe language program at the Bug O Nay Gee Shig school is six years old and still growing. We'll talk with the Director of the program, Leslie Harper, this Monday morning at 7:20.

Also, save money with The Northern Cheapskate (6:55) and a new video game review from the Binary Boys (7:55).

Our Professor of Pop Culture, Jack Nachbar, previews and reviews the classic movie, "The Westerner", starring Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan (right). Brennan won an Oscar for his portrayal of "the hanging judge", Roy Bean. The film was made in 1940 and will be shown at The Edge Center for the Arts in Bigfork this Wednesday night at 6:30. Before retiring in the Bigfork area, Jack was a professor of Pop Culture and Film Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Monday at 8:10 or, if you can't listen to these segments, check them out at our archives at

And Tornado Bob with the weather at 8:45

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