Friday, November 20, 2009

Phil Anderson's cheater Black Forest Cake

This morning on What's for Breakfast we talked with KAXE member Phil Anderson from Walker. Phil is the father of four and he recommends snack foods for breakfast. "Yesterday" he told us, "they had chicken wings."

Phil also mentioned a favorite of his kid's - The Black Forest Cake. He called it a "cheater" but that they love it. So here goes!

Phil Anderson's Black Forest Cake

1 pkg devil's food chocolate cake
4 oz chocoate instant pudding
1 c milk
1 pkg soft cream cheese
1 big can cherry pie filling
Whipped cream

Bake the cake! Combine pudding, milk & cream cheese... spread over cooled cake. Layer pie filling on top, then whipped cream.


Anonymous said...


The cake looks delicious but what kind of cake pan/pans should one use? Round layer pans or sheet square pan?

Phil Anderson said...

I use sping form pans. Two for this cake.