Thursday, December 3, 2009

Volunteer opportunies for the Biathlon World Team Trials at Mt. Itasca

Amy Dettmer stopped by the Sports Page today and talked about a BIG event happening at Mt. Itasca this month.... the World Team Trials for Biathlon. They are looking for more volunteers!

Biathlon is an exciting sport where athletes ski a loop 2km-3.5 km and shoot 5 bullets between each loop skied. When a skier misses a shot, a penalty loop has to be skied. The races in December at Mt. Itasca are called the World Team Trials. There will be junior athletes trying to make the World Juniors team and senior athletes trying to make the Olympic team. There will be athletes from across the United States competing!

The jobs we need volunteers for are listed below with a short explanation of each. There will be an explanation of how to do each job at a prerace meeting.

> Puller After an athlete shoots the 5 bullets in the clip, the targets need to be reset. This requires pulling a cord to reset the targets.

> Primary scorer Each time an athlete shoots a bullet, the result needs to be recorded on a sheet of paper.

> Backup scorer Does the same as the primary scorer. It is called backup scorer because the results are looked at in comparison to the primary scorer.

> Course Control Stand at a fixed point on the course and mark on a sheet of paper the athlete's bib number as they pass by. Course control is done in groups of 2.

> Penalty loop For each shot an athlete misses they have to ski a penalty loop. Work in groups of two. One person calls the bib number and the other checks off on a sheet when they pass by.

> Timing This work is done inside a building. Duties include calling off and recording numbers as skiers approach the finish.

Every volunteer gets a t-shirt!!!

I'd like volunteers to report a half hour before the scheduled start for a pre race meeting. Plan on spending 3 hours for a volunteer session. For instance, if you choose a day when the race starts at 11am you should getthere at 10:30am. You will be finished around 1:30.

Saturday December 12 11am start 10:30am meeting at timing building in middle of the stadium

Sunday December 13 11am start 10:30am meeting at timing building

Saturday December 19 11am start 10:30am meeting at timing building

Sunday December 20 11am start 10:30am meeting at timing building

Tuesday December 22 10am start 9:30am meeting at timing building


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