Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Bird Calls with John and Harry

John Latimer talked with Harry Hutchins about winter bird calls in our area during A Talk on the Wild Side. You can click here to listen to the entire conversation, or we have it broken into pieces below if you want to hear a certain bird. We also suggest if you're interested in either of the owls you listen to both pieces - the conversation sort of bleeds together from one to the other. If you'd like to download the bird calls and try playing them in your yard as Harry suggest, simply "right click" on the file you want and "Save link as," then choose where to save the file and click "save." You can get more nature and phenology news at The Phenology Page on KAXE.org.

Pine Grosbeak
John and Harry Discussion

Pine Grosbeak Call

John and Harry Discussion

Crossbill Call

John and Harry Discussion

Waxwing Call

Great Horned Owl
John and Harry Discussion

Great Horned Owl Call

Barred Owl
John and Harry Discussion

Barred Owl Call

Full Conversation - if you would like to hear all of this as one full piece.

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