Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye, Again

by Maddi Frick

And it is time to say goodbye once more. And once again I must express my gratitude for the wonderful time I’ve had at KAXE. From always being fed to enjoying concerts at sunset to getting a prime view of the construction across the road to knowing about every public event in the area, KAXE has shown me so much hospitality and welcomed me with open arms.

I think the most peaceful day I had this summer was when I got my lunch to go from Brewed, drove back to the station, only to discover Sam Miltich and the Clearwater Hot Club playing music under the tent for children from the library. The sun was shining down as I ate the most delicious turkey sandwich and listened to the most happy music.

I’m off to fly across the pond and spend four months gallivanting about Europe. I’ll be studying at the University College Dublin in Ireland and hopefully DJing at Belfield FM, the college radio station. I caved in to the cliché of creating a
blog for my adventures. If anyone would like to keep up with my travels, it’s frickabroadinireland.wordpress.com. I’m also a Facebook fiend, so you can always contact me through that if need be.

The last few days of summer for me will consist of shoving one more pair of socks into my suitcase, agonizing over what reading material to bring on the plane and trying to soak up any last rays of Minnesota sun I possibly can before going to the land of perpetual rain.

Thank you, adieu.

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