Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This year's change in deer hunting regulations

by Heidi Holtan

This morning I talked with Perry Loeggering on The Morning Show. He's an Area Wildlife Manager for the DNR.

Perry talked about the significant changes in deer regulations this year and the new boundaries for permit areas.

Perry had this to say,

"Some years we can't have as liberal of a season as we'd like. There's a change in boundaries to better match the land use. It's also that some of these areas - especially in the forested areas - we're reaching our goal of deer numbers and so we're ramping down the harvest level. We're going from a situation where anyone can buy a license and hunt either sex to having to apply for a lottery to get an antlerless permit (for over 18 year old firearm and muzzleloader hunters).

A lot of these areas - like up in Marcell - have been open to either sex deer hunting for about 7 or 8 years - and now we've got a lottery. Hunters need to take a look at regulations to see where they hunt to see if they are in a managed area. If you buy just a standard firearms license you can hunt across these lines and you can always hunt for a buck deer anywhere in the state."

You can pick up a regulation guide when you buy a license or see the regulations here.

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Harvey said...

Nature is cyclic. Deer populations rise and we notice their impact on forest vegetation. They literally destroy their own habitat. Their population drops and habitat is restored. We can't have constantly high deer populations.