Thursday, September 9, 2010

Klueg, Molberg Create New Ceramic Work

by Travis Ryder

UMD art and design professor and ceramics area head James Klueg spoke with me at the opening of his exhibition, "Weapons of Mass Seduction," last Friday. The work features layers of glazing scratched back to match the graphics he creates digitally and projects onto the flat-sided vessels. The deliberate and highly-contrived nature of Klueg's work contrasts nicely with the stark concrete, steel, and weathered wood of Marie Schrobilgen's sculpture, also on display at MacRostie Art Center in downtown Grand Rapids through the end of September. See more of his work here.

Roald Molberg lives and produces pottery north of Duluth. He talked with us recently about a new technique he learned that involves creating aesthetic vessels from the inside of a temporary shell. The result is striking to the eye, creating a remarkable level of relief without the usual pitfalls of a traditional applique method. More images of Molberg's work are located here.

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