Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1: A Memorable (and Disasterous) Day in Minnesota History

by Scott Hall

Cass County was established on September 1, 1851, seven years before Minnesota became a state. There were some forest fire disasters this time of year, usually the culmination of long periods of drought.

1894 A forest fire kills 413 people and burns 160,000 acres of timberland around Hinckley. Railroad engineer James Root saves more than 100 people by loading them onto train cars and driving through the blaze. The devastation of this fire convinces many of the importance of forest conservation. Want to explore this and other events? Go to Timepieces.
1918 Residents of Hibbing begin moving its buildings so that the iron ore deposit located beneath the town can be mined.The site of old Hibbing is now part of the huge hole in the earth known as the Hull-Rust mine (at right).
1941 Workers begin dismantling the Duluth and Northeastern Railroad, the last logging line to operate in Minnesota.
The Events displayed are from The Minnesota Book of Days compiled by Tony Greiner and published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

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