Saturday, May 21, 2011

by Robert Jevne
Are you thinking about how you can show the world your inner generosity, but you don’t know how to get started? Do you feel the urge to reach out and touch someone but, you really don’t want to actually touch someone? Never had to rely on the kindness of strangers so you just aren‘t sure why all these people need your hard earned dollars? We can help. Here at the Kyndness Center and (that’s kindness with a Y) our trained professionals and interactive need-avatars are here to assist you with low-cost solutions to all your kindness needs. We can help you become the philanthropist you always intended to be without all the stress and our systems works quickly and easily because it’s based on your needs as a giver. You learn about caring by proxy so there are no bothersome entanglements or messy unintended consequences. How can we do this? By making all your contributions virtual when you subscribe to our website at and play our interactive on-line game “Gimme.” “Gimme” has delighted audiences of all ages with its zany cast of needs-based characters and the multitude of ways in which you can help them without leaving the safety and comfort of your own living room or the need to soil your hands. You will instantly begin to feel better about your capacity to care as soon as your giving-avatar struts into our virtual slum with a virtual bankroll the size of Texas and starts doling out the virtual love. And if you are unsatisfied with your generosity program, don’t worry. For a low monthly fee, there are literally hundreds of other needy avatars waiting on-line for you. Kyndness is just a click away at

If on-line gaming isn’t your thing; you can always attend one of our many seminars hosted by Dr Bob Problem internationally recognized expert in the field of virtual giving. Perhaps you might enjoy Dr Problem’s lecture entitled “Giving Till it Doesn’t Hurt: A Guide to Pain-Free Involvement” or maybe “A Tribe called Me: The Oneness of Always Being Number One.” and for the grown-ups “Minnesota Nicer: Competitive Kindness and How it can Improve your Sex Life.” Bob will be in Hackensack on June 23rd, Wirt the 24th, and at the Debs Civic Center for one of his incredible brown-bag lunch lectures on the 25th. Be sure to reserve your seat in advance as these will be sold out events.

And don’t forget you can always drop in to one of our Kyndness Centers located almost Minnesota-wide where you can chill-out at our internet café and enjoy Bob Problem’s special blend of third world coffees at amazingly low prices and engage one-on-one with a kindness technician who, for a small monthly fee, will guide you on your journey towards virtual kindness. “Are you ready to get kynd?” ( that’s kindness with a Y) is not associated with or and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vengeful Enterprises in association Bob Problem Productions.

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