Friday, June 12, 2009

Ask and Ye shall receive!

Ye sure did receive! Thanks to everyone for the advice on my poison ivy that I've talked about it though, my psychosomatic side is feeling itchy everywhere. Here's some of the ideas people gave me, for dealing with Poison Ivy.

TecNu - kind of expensive I'm told, but it will actually take the oils of poison ivy off.... one caller from Hackensack told me to go out in the sun and apply it and watch the oil come off, but to be careful it doesn't get on other parts of me.

fels naptha soap
- people swear by this! If you think you've been exposed, wash with this. It won't necessarily help me since I've already got this bubbling mess on my face, but in the future...

jewelweed oil - barbara from outing sent me an email about this.... she said it relieves itching and promotes healing....

Domeboro - Nicole called from the hospital and had asked around there for a remedy for my itching, red face due to poison ivy. They suggested Dome boro - a powder that you mix with warm water and dip cloth in it and wrap around the affected area. Glad I'm not running for Mrs. America tonight or anything!

Thanks for all your help! I'll keep you posted on how it goes from here....



Anonymous said...

tecnu is good for removing the oil right after you've been exposed,
but see this post: Zanfel is the only thing that works after you get the rash.

91.7 KAXE said...

Judy emailed this:

My husband was extremely sensitive to poison ivy (pi). He'd get it all over, even in winter from the firewood. I made a tea from the bark of white oaks, and he'd drink a quart a day, for about a week.. This cured his sensitivity, so he only got it infrequently. Now, whenever I get it, I simply make a paste from the powered white oak (available at health food stores.) I simple apply it to the infected bubbles as often as possible. White oak is an astringent, so it dries out the erusinal (sp), takes away the itching, and actually prevents that spreading you have from the juice. I'm never without it, as I live in the woods, contaminated with the hateful plant.

A friend takes one capsule each day when she's exposed, and she never gets a bad case. Check it out. It really works, and is an ancient native remedy.