Wednesday, July 15, 2009

As Heard This Week on KAXE

All kinds of topics are discussed by all kinds of people each week on KAXE (top highlight this week: the story about John Bauer on All Things Equine, included below). We archive many of the programs you hear (or missed) in the Audio Highlights at Here are just a couple recent examples:

Tamarack and Larch Trees Stressed and Dying:
DNR Forest Health Specialist Jana Albers talks to John and Harry about insects, diseases and drought that affect our forests. Also, the cycle of the Forest Tent Caterpillar is on the rise. Jana says we may have another big outbreak of those leaf-eaters in two or three years.

Returning Shorelands to Their Natural State
...and protecting water quality and fish habitat too: Shoreline specialist, Kelly Condiff, from Cass County Environmental Services talks about the upcoming "Shoreline Buffer Expo" at Deep Portage, Saturday, August 1st.

James Frenzel of Golden Willow Farm
James Frenzel grows organic, grass-fed beef on his 400-acre Golden Willow Farm in the Kelliher area. On national “Cow Appreciation Day” he described his substantial experience in farming, how he raises Red Angus Crossbred cattle and rotates their pasture. He also explains why green grass makes superior feed before seed heads appear. James said that his grazing techniques lead to higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in the fatty parts of the beef than in cattle raised by more typical agribusiness methods. He sells beef by appointment: 218/766-7916

All Things Equine
Bobbie talked about some training methods Mary Hamilton taught her in a recent clinic. Also an update on what is going on in Jack's life. And a CRAZY story about John Bauer!

More highlights and archives are at

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