Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mercedes Rules!

If you are on the air at KAXE there's a strange phenomena that can sometime occur: you forget you are on the radio. My tale to tell is not one of F-bombs flying and handcuffs in FCC jail. It is a tale of the environment of the north bank of the Mississippi River in Grand Rapids, MN.

Let me set the scene: Friday Morning Show, early, on the air. We are so fortunate to get to see the birds and the bunnies and trees and the plants right outside our studio window. On this particular morning, John Bauer and I were talking and weather-ing and doing our bickersons shtick. I see, out the window - far, far, away - an odd sight that my eyes don't really know how to interpret. There are about 5 older-ish women in various forms of workout wear. You know... white tennis shoes, visors and caps, blue jeans and t-shirts. Amidst the cloud of whites and reds I see something darker. Not necessarily sinister-darker. But like leather and chains and tattoos darker.

And then I do it, without thinking. I announce what I am seeing, on THE RADIO.

As I found out a few hours later after answering the phone, I had indeed publicly witnessed Itasca County YMCA personal trainer and leader of the walking club, MERCEDES.

Luckily, Mercedes got a kick out of it. And Mercedes apparently wants to get a kick out of me and John.

Good to meet you Mercedes, and bring your walking ladies back to the KAXE studios, anytime! And about that personal training session you suggested? My people will call your people....



Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mercedes is the same Mercedes that used to bring pets in for the morning show from the Shelter, featuring a pet of the week for adoption. I remember one particular morning when Mercedes and young lady (I don't think Mercedes is a very common name and yes she looks to be the same) brought a larger golden retriever mix that was so nervous that it pooped all over the waiting area of the old KAXE station. Anyone else remember that?? It was a mess to clean up!!! Smiles, BMG

91.7 KAXE said...

I believe she is!