Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue Interlude

by Scott Hall

If there was any doubt about the difference between fresh locally grown food and trucked-in store-bought varieties, consider the difference between the u-pick strawberries and the ones bred to survive the time from farm to market. The locals are juicier with better color and flavor. Even better tasting were the wild raspberries Jennifer brought in for our pancakes last Friday morning.

The u-pick strawberry season is about over so I asked one of our local strawberry growers, Stu LaValiere, when the blueberries would be ready. He said they are late too - maybe ten days to two weeks, but the crop looks good. Marshall Helmberger at The Timberjay reports the wild bloobs are coming in up in Lake Vermilion country, though not at peak yet. I appreciate the science, energy and infrastructure it takes to get fruits and veggies to market from far away producers, and I'm glad the store-bought varieties are there, but the local difference is no lie. Get to those local farmer's fields and markets while the time is ripe. Here's a link to the Minnesota Grown Directory and you can still stop by KAXE and pick one up.

*thanks to Kevin McCoy for his citizen journalism in the berry patch! Way to hunt down Scott Hall!

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