Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Silly" Facebook

By Jennifer Poenix

If you listen to KAXE on a regular basis, you've probably heard mention of our Facebook "fan page," which is now being called something else by the powers that be at Facebook. When I first heard about this, I said to myself, "Stupid Facebook." I admit, that's not a very nice thing for me to say. (I have a three year old boy at home. We're working on watching our language.)

However, as I heard Maggie Montgomery explain on-air this morning how you can now "like" KAXE (and KBXE as well) on Facebook instead of being a “fan” of ours, I once again muttered “Stupid Facebook.” I’ll admit, it’s a silly thing to get irritated about, but really, wasn’t the change silly anyway?

Whether you “like” us or are a “fan” of KAXE and/or KBXE, we invite you to be part of our online communities: KAXE and KBXE.

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