Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's Change the World

By Doug MacRostie

I'm not exactly sure what Jumo is, or why - but Northern Community Radio is there. And I have less of an idea what to do with it.

I know a little bit: Jumo was built by a co-creator of Facebook, and Jumo is to Non-Profits what Facebook is to gossiping. By that, I mean that standard social networking sites are about person to person communication, and Jumo is about connecting local Non-Profits to people. Or, how Jumo puts it, "We connect individuals and organizations working to change the world." Sounds like KAXE, KBXE, Northern Community Radio and our listeners to me :)

I'm our Online producer, and as an organization Northern Community Radio tries to be aware of new online tools and resources and  maintain the cutting edge of how technology can benefit our mission to build community in Northern MN. So, when I saw this interview with Jumo founder Chris Hughes, I created a page for Northern Community Radio. Creating an account is easy, especially if you're already on Facebook. There are all kinds of local, national and international Non-Profits listed there. Let's get social!

Here's the interview on The Colbert Report:
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Chris Hughes
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