Friday, January 14, 2011

Load Up Your MP3 Player!

Our Audio Highlight's always have a little something for everyone. From High School bullies to drafts of Eisenhower's farewell address discovered in Northern MN, these locally produced features can be downloaded to your computer for your listening pleasure, or to enjoy on your iPhone or any mp3 player. Just "Right click" the link and "save as". 

Pieta Brown and 'One and All'
Pieta Brown is a striking Poet-songwriter with a haunting voice and unmistakable style. Daughter of Midwest folk legend Greg Brown, Pieta has a deep love for music. Her latest album "One and All" is a colorful soundscape where Americana, indie-rock and raw folk come together. With artful storytelling and soul-tinged grooves, she blurs the lines between love and loneliness. Read More...

Rosalind Wiseman and 'Boys, Girls & Other Hazardous Materials"
Rosalind Wiseman is a teen bullying expert and a NYTimes bestseller who has put out her first novel for young adults, "Boys, Girls & Other Hazardous Materials".  9th grader Charlie has switched schools to get away from the mean girls, and she finds out it’s not just the girls who are mean….what do you remember about early high school?  Were kids mean to you?  Were you mean to others?Check out more author interviews on the RealGoodArchive.

Malcom Moos and Ike's Farewell Address
Listen to this conversation from Our History with Grant Moos. He discovered his father's drafts of Eisenhower's farewell address in their boathouse on Ten Mile Lake. Read More...

Eli Sagor and MyMinnesota Woods
Eli Sagor is an extension educator with the University of MN and manages the website, an excellent resource for anyone interested in MN forests. Woodland Webinars, healthy forests, Women's Woodland Network and more covered in this conversation. Get more nature news on the Phenology page.

Dr. Michael Fox talks about his syndicated column being dropped from the Star Tribune
Dr. Michael Fox talked with Heidi Holtan and Scott Hall about his recent dropping from the Star Tribune as a syndicated columnist. Read his article "Is Martha Stewart Living Good for Animals?" here...

Tim Byrns' Burlwood Sculptures
Northeast Minnesota artist Tim Byrns coaxes out amazing forms from hunks of burlwood and discarded lumber. KAXE's Justin Cook brings us more. Read More... Hear more arts, culture and history stories on the Culturology page.

Aaron Brown on Special Talents
Early in his life, Aaron realized he had the ability to listen to people talking about things he didn't really understand and form enough a short-hand concept to reply in a way that pleased others... Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Guido on The New Year
Guido is always a little reluctant to say very much about he is going to try and do differently in the new year... Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

The Last Word on Special Talents
Sometimes people don't see their own special talents.Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Ricci Milan and "Rhythmic Circus"

An interview with Ricci Milan, artistic director and dancer with "Rhythmic Circus”. Rhythm Circus is an innovative group of four young dancers and seven musicians from Minneapolis. They combine tap dance routines with a variety of musical styles including Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop and Salsa. Check out more stories on the Morning Show page.

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