Monday, January 31, 2011

Now Hear This! Recent Audio Highlights from KAXE

Here are some recent highlights from 91.7 KAXE. From local authors, to local derby girls, to local cows, to local media, there is something for everyone. You can click on the link to listen, or 'right click' and 'save as' to save the file to your computer to then transfer to your mp3 player. Enjoy!

Minneapolis Hip-Hop Artist Toki Wright
Toki Wright is a hip-hop artist out of Minneapolis. Raised in a Buddhist household, and immersing himself in Black history, world culture, and community work, Toki's awareness of the diverse world we live in is translated through his content driven music. Toki is not only a well established emcee but one of the hardest working community activists in the Twin Cities area. With numerous accolades and a tour history that has taken him from New York to Uganda, he is a powerful voice prepared to educate and challenge as well as entertain. Read More...  Check out more interview on the Centertage MN page.

The Women of Roller Derby
Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby has exploded across northern MN, with the Babe City Rollers in Bemidji, and the Iron Range Maidens. Derby is a very physical sport, known for hard hits and short skirts. Producer Doug MacRostie wondered, ‘who are these derby girls, and what draws them to this sport?’, and it isn’t who he expected. Doug set out to find a dominatrix derby girl, and instead discovered The Women of Roller Derby. Get more stories on the Culturology page.

Molly Hootch Hymes and "I Remember When"
Molly Hootch Hymes about her memoir, "Molly Hootch: I Remember When - Growing Up on the Kwiguk Pass of the Lower Yukon River". Molly is a Yupik Eskimo who grew up in the village of Emmonak, Alaska. She's lived in Bemidji for the last 30 years and has finally put on paper the stories of her childhood. Molly especially respected her father and as she puts it, "how he could make ANYTHING out of nothing". The family lived a subsistence lifestyle. Molly Hootch's name became well known later in her teens. The "Molly Hootch Case" was a peition to bring hometown high schools to rural students in Alaska instead of being shipped off to boarding school. Read More... Check out more interview on the Realgoodwords page.

Raising Cows in northern Minnesota
Maggie talks to Allen Bridges, Professor of Animal Science with the University of MN North Central Research and Outreach Center in Grand Rapids.  Check out more features on the Local Food page.
Trumpter Swans in MN with Pam Perry
Pam Perry, a Non-Game Wildlife Bioligist with the DNR, talks with us about the recent success story of Trumpeter Swans. There have been over 5000 counted this winter in MN. Get more nature news, pix and vids on the Phenology Page. 

Aaron Brown on Community Media
Human character might be defined by the actions and thoughts of an individual, but human progress is most often accomplished when individuals interact. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Guido on KBXE
Understatement of the day: this is exciting. It’s exciting for our new coverage area; it’s exciting for our entire coverage area. Northern Community Radio, good as it is and has been, is about to enhance its sound, its member and volunteer and underwriting bases, its product, its service to mission, its human and natural resources. Everything. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

People who show up make decisions, friends, playgrounds, art, history... Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

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