Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raw or Pasteurized

A bill in the MN Legislature (HF255) would expand opportunities for farmers to sell their milk directly to consumers. The new proposal created a big on-line discussion of the health and economics of raw vs. pasteurized milk.

The current law allows consumers to buy milk products at the farm. The new bill would allow farmers to sell at farmer markets,  through consumer buying groups, home delivery, and farm stands.  Most dairy producers and Department of Health and Agriculture officials worry the expansion of direct sales could lead to more illness from raw milk products.  Raw milk advocates tout the health benefits of raw milk and the economic opportunities for small dairy farmers.

Raw vs Pasteurized
On 91.7 KAXE's Local Food Report Maggie Montgomery talked to Mark Kastel, co-director and senior policy analyst at the Cornucopia Institute, a small farm advocacy organization based in southwest Wisconsin. The Cornucopia Institute supports small farmers who sell pasteurized and raw milk, and does not advocate for one over the other.

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