Friday, February 18, 2011

We the People Need You

It's the last day of our fundraiser and we need you to show your support right now. KAXE works to build community in Northern MN through radio broadcast, cultural events and interactive media. This is done by having real people come in and share their stories and passions. From the explosion of roller derby across the northland to the growing local food scene - we give a voice to local people.

Proud Members
Our largest source of funding is listeners just like you who take the next step and pledge! We don't want more than you can afford; look at your budget and decide what you can contribute over the next year. Maybe that's $20/month, maybe it's a one time payment of $60, choose your own level and pledge within your means - do it now. 218-326-1234 / 800-662-5799 or online.

If you believe in access to local media, if you believe each and every one of us deserves to have our voice heard, if you believe that Northern MN is a place like no other, pledge now.  Thanks.

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