Monday, February 28, 2011

Wild Things on Tuesdays

We've got a host of wild things this Tuesday to listen to on 91.7 KAXE including John Latimer, Harry Hutchins, Bill Berg and  Marty Jacobson.  John gets Phenology reports from schools including Roosevelt Elementary in Virginia and Hill City Elementary.  Harry talks gray jays for A Talk on the Wild Side at 7:45 and Bill Berg is in to talk wildlife winter survival at 8:10.  Marty Jacobson sits in for Bobbi Kleffman on All Things Equine to talk about horse safety with kids.

What WILD THINGS are you seeing out there?  Send us an email or comment here!  Here's a recent phenology note we received from Aitkin:

While I was in the basement Sat. morning putting duct tape on my gloves before going out to cut some wood,  there came a scream from the kitchen where my wife had been baking “ there’s a bat in here”  she was no longer in the kitchen !! But there was indeed a bat in the kitchen and it was soon caught and placed outside where it froze.

 We have a story and a half home with full basement, fairly warm and cozy for us, but about once a year we have a bat appear that unnerves the Mrs. They must come from the attic but why this time of year?

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