Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fishing, Culturology, Politics, Baseball, Gardening and Other Fantansies

by Scott Hall

This Thursday on KAXE's morning show, our Early Bird Guide, Jeff Sundin reports from the 79th Annual Northwest Boat, Sport, and Travel Show in Minneapolis (he'd rather be fishing). Travis Ryder covers the Culturology Calendar.  As of now, the Republican-DFL train wreck we have been anticipating this year isn't going to happen because they are not only on separate tracks but also on separate planets. Colleen and Chuck will try to make sense of it on Making Sausage.  Fred Friedman will be on the Sports Page, but after that his life will be on hold this weekend as the Twins open the 2011 baseball season in Toronto and College basketball has the men and women's final fours.  Bonnie the Plant Lady is back to help you imagine what might happen when (if?) the snow melts.

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