Thursday, March 10, 2011

What the Dresser Said

    by Robert Jevne
   This is a true story.
   Almost twenty-five years ago my wife and  I bought a dresser from a second hand store. It was nothing special, just a low, pine dresser with five drawers. We were young and broke at the time. It was cheap. Our aim was to refinish it. When we got it home I took the drawers out to take a closer look at our little project. I found a piece of paper wedged into the under side of one of the smaller drawers. There was writing on it. This is a typewritten copy of what it said:

We still own the dresser. Both of our boys used it when they were living at home.Now its in the "extra" bedroom. I sometimes wonder if the dresser was trying to communicate something to me all those years ago, but I can't be sure. It hasn't tried again since.

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