Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dinner-Rama at Jack and Cindy Shelton's

Jack and Cindy Shelton can really throw a party! That’s just what they did last Saturday night, to honor 25 years of Phenology on KAXE. More than 20 people were there, including a visitor who could only speak Russian and a plethora of KAXE friends and supporters.

Jack served 2 kinds of chili - a vegetarian variety and a rich, meaty one with chunks of beef and pork that he had cooked for two days! He also made homemade pita bread and hummus with olives and tomatoes as an appetizer, and Cindy baked several pans of corn bread. Jack and Cindy provided beer and wine and non-alcoholic alternatives.

During the party we checked in with the special “Phenology Meets Green Cheese” show that was live on KAXE. John Latimer asked our Russian guest how to say “deer guts” in Russian. This caused a good deal of confusion! The photo is of Jack Shelton and KAXE engineeer Dan Houg talking to John Latimer, Julie Crabb and Heidi Holtan from the party.

The dinner ended with beautiful carrot cake, and Jack asked for donations for the 25th anniversary of Phenology project. The $565 contributed by Jack and Cindy’s guests will go into the fund to honor John Latimer by supporting Phenology activities in the future.

More dinner-ramas will be held this weekend and into the new year. All of us at KAXE appreciate Jack and Cindy’s work and that of the other dinner-rama hosts! Thank you!

Here is a link to photos of the party.

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