Thursday, November 13, 2008

I won't have dishpan hands today!

By Jennifer Poenix

If you receive KAXE’s weekly e-mail newsletter, “The Buzz,” you may know that all KAXE staff members are supposed to blog every week or else they have to clean our kitchen. Trust me, it can be a big job. (see photo of Heidi, who is a very good blogger)

We have a staff meeting every Thursday morning at 9:30, and we’re supposed to report on what we blogged about. If you haven't blogged, you are in charge of cleaning up after the meeting. So, usually at about 9:00 each Thursday morning, there is a flurry of blog activity going on around these parts, even though we were each supposed to take a specific day of the week to do our blogging.

But sometimes, it’s really hard figuring out what to blog about. I don’t even know how many folks are actually reading. Obviously, you are, so thank you. What would you like to read about in this blog? Are there things about KAXE that you would like to know more about? Are you looking for information, entertainment, or something else?

Let us know. You can leave a comment on this blog if you wish. Even if you don’t have any suggestions, it would be nice to know if you regularly check this blog or the other blogs found at Thanks!


Aaron J. Brown said...

Jennifer -- You could blog about the people who visited KAXE that week and why they were there. Even if it's just the UPS guy/gal, they probably have a story. But there'd be a lot of members, guests and news maker types who would also end up featured. Could be fun.

91.7 KAXE said...

That's a great idea. Thanks for the comment Aaron!