Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Popcorn hits the spot

By Jennifer Poenix

Scott Hall just made popcorn, which in turn, has made my day. It also gave me something to blog about (see previous blog). He makes it on the stove, which I haven’t seen anybody do for a long time.

First, you need to heat the oil until it’s starting to spatter. Then, add the kernels until they are bathed in oil (bathed, not swimming). Get them nice and surrounded. Put the lid on the pot, and soon you will have delicious popcorn.

Growing up, my dad made popcorn nearly every night. He made it on the stove when I was real young, but then he got an air popper and never looked back. I hardly ever eat popcorn anymore. Once in awhile, I’ll buy the microwave stuff, but it just does not compare. I think I’ll try making it on the stove at home some night soon. It may be a disaster, but at least I’ll have tried.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to clean my keyboard…and see if there’s anymore popcorn in the kitchen.

Thank you Scott!

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