Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

By Stephanie Rose
Things are in an uproar around here. There’s tension you could cut with a knife. And shouting matches erupt at every turn! We all worked together on KAXE’s recent fundraiser, of course. But now, with the big election upon us, all semblance of solidarity has vanished. No, not that election. The Puppy/Kitty election! You can vote here, but hurry. Only six hours until the poll closes.
In Tom Cobb’s class at Remer School, Puppies won resoundingly, 62 to 38 percent. But the Puppies now trail slightly at The Northern Observer.
Jennifer Poenix’s young son, Zane, recently christened a new kitten “Butter,” which, in itself, almost makes a person want to vote Kitty. “Their other cat is a tool,” explained Jennifer. “He keeps spilling his water.” Jennifer’s family has dog and cats, so I think she could go either way. At press [bloggy press] time, John and Maggie and I are on the Puppies’ side. Penny and Heidi stand firmly behind Kitties. And Mark Tarner? He votes unequivocally Hedgehog, of course. Stay tuned to 91.7 KAXE for the latest.

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