Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Try This At Home

We're gearing up for the Do-It-Yourself KAXE Fall Fundraiser* and today we asked people to call in with their "don't try this at home" stories.

KAXE member John Longnecker from Ideal Corners called in to tell us about his shed. "Like lincoln logs" he said. "I'll never do something like that again! The only thing that is new is the shingles. I cheated on the shingles."

It's a beauty though, don't you agree? While John will not build this structure again himself, he has agreed to "consult" with you on your lincoln log shed. (for a fee!)

John is like so many people that live in northern Minnesota, when he needs something done, he does it himself. Even when it comes to media John doesn't wait around for someone else to get things done. He's a proud member from Ideal Corners, Minnesota. Do you listen to KAXE? It's time for YOU to do it yourself. Be a member of KAXE! Like John, you'll be glad you did it yourself.

*We'll be on-air fundraising for the Do-It-Yourself Fall Fundraiser from October 25-31st. We're raising the same amount of money, in half the time. You can pledge ANYTIME online! Thanks so much!

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