Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Name That Cello!

by Scott Hall

For about a year now volunteer Kathy Dodge has been getting up at five on Monday mornings to co-host KAXE's morning show. Many of those mornings she brings her cello and parks it a dark corner next to our conference room. The cello is used to performaing before large audiences and will soon become a co-host of the morning program. But first we need to name the thing. Any suggestions?

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Gord said...

My suggestion is "Frank."

I'm remembering a first chair player in the Chicago Symphony, Frank Miller, who lived in Highland Park, Illinois, in the late 1960s.

He used to take the same Chicago-Northwestern train home after concerts that we did.

He carried his cello on the train.

We rode on to Lake Bluff station.

-Gord Prickett, Aitkin County
Member of the U of M NROTC Band