Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help Keep It Going: $27,875 from 212 Members

Have you ever experienced homemade Kombucha? Plan to build your own home? Maybe you know someone who raises chickens as family pets? There are as many different DIY projects as there are people and we've been hearing a lot of amazing stories. Like a spare-time home brewer following his passion and now managing a brewery in Minneapolis. Or wool spinners and cheese makers. It doesn't matter if you consider mowing the yard a "big job" or if you think building your home is an every-5th-year enjoyment; we need your support of independent local radio in Northern MN and listening support is our single largest source of funding. We are community radio, and you can hear it when you listen - real voices of real people telling real stories. It's truly local, independent community radio. And, we also bring a lot of these voices and stories to you online as we merge an "old" media like radio with the new media age (follow along on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter for real-time updates). We are on our way to $50,000 by Halloween night to make our budget and listener support is our single largest source of funding, Do It Yourself and call 218-326-1234 or 800-662-5799, or Pledge Online! Click here to see do-it-yourself projects at KAXE...

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