Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Read This Or Jeremiah Will Stab You

by Doug MacRostie

KAXE is like nothing else you'll find, not only in northern MN, but beyond - and it's something you should be a part of. You should support KAXE. Yes, I'm talking to you. In one way or another you found this post, and however close or far the connection between you and I may be, I think YOU should pledge your support...right now: You don't want to be chased by Jeremiah driving a 4 wheeler with a sword do you?

Why support KAXE?

Somewhere between the Phenology updates about the nature happening around me and the new Flaming Lips CD during On the River, KAXE finds that excitable spot in my brain and stimulates the hell out of it. When Heidi interviews on author on RealGoodWords I'll hear the most interesting conversations about something I've never even knew to think about. Then a curve ball about reestablishing Bison herds into the ecosystem comes out of A Talk On the Wild Side and mix in a true variety of music and you have a good starting to point to appreciate KAXE. And things like that happen all the time! Even this morning there was a promo for an upcoming history piece on the last official battle between Native Americans and the Federal Government which occured back in 1898 on the Leech Lake Rez.

KAXE is community radio, and that means something. It means that real people from the area come in and share their stories (or swords...), it means local news and information presented by the people involved (or swords...), it means volunteers from all over Northern MN coming to the station to play music they're passionate about. That is something worth highlighting - we don't tell the volunteers what to play, they arrange their own playlists which means you really could hear anything at anytime On the River (instead of the same 50 songs over and over like you hear on commercial radio). And we're also working to bring these voices and stories to you in new media formats. These are just a few of the thousands of examples of what makes KAXE special and unique and VERY valuable resource to this region. I like KAXE because it expands my my mind & it challenges me with different perspectives and ideas.

And while I don't actually threaten bodily harm, it's worth noting that local hero Jeremiah Liend has easy access to a wide selection of do the right thing and support KAXE, independent local radio.

Still not convinced? Then I invite you to come to the studios this Thursday night at 6 to see first-hand what we're all about. For this special edition of Centerstage MN I'll be joined by Timmy Haus and John Wilber with live music - as part of the audience, you'll be able to see the behind the scenes happening that go into producing a live program and enjoy some excellent tunes. Timmy and John will be playing acoustic roots, blues and rock tunes and they too will ask you to support KAXE.

Centerstage MN is Thursday evenings at 6, streaming live online at; or 91.7 Grand Rapids, 89.9 Brainerd and 105.3 Bemidji. All interviews are archived at and the show is rebroadcast Sunday mornings at 6.

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