Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guido's First Dilly Bar

By Jennifer Poenix

John Bauer was having a rough day on Monday (see previous blog). To remedy his situation, he offered to get KAXE's staff Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. See, John really is a nice guy.

"Steve-o, you want a Dilly Bar?" John said to Steve Downing (aka Guido).

"A what? A Dilly Bar?" Guido replied.

He had never heard of such a thing. I couldn't believe it. Here's a guy who grew up in Grand Rapids with easy access to a Dairy Queen for most of his life, and yet he didn't know what a Dilly Bar is. According to wikipedia, the Dilly Bar originated in 1955. That's plenty of time to get acquainted with one, right?

John came back with two boxes of chocolate Dilly Bars, and everyone eagerly awaited Guido's first bite. Not only because it was his first Dilly Bar, but also because he hardly eats anything around here.

"It's not bad," said Guido. "It reminds me of something we used to eat when we were kids."

A Dilly Bar, perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not defending Guido or anything...but I had never heard of a Dilley Bar until I started working at KAXE...
~Doug MacRostie