Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Join John Latimer for a Phenology Walk/Birding Expedition

by Doug MacRostie

"I need an angle to write a blog about the Phenology walk coming up," I said to Heidi Holtan while sipping my soda and spinning around in my chair. "How about your love of donuts?" she asked. I paused..., she said, "Oh wait, that's MY love of donuts." And such was my dilemma.

It is true there will be donuts and even tea and coffee and sugar and cream (powder) at 8:30am this Saturday at the Gathering Place in Clearbrook (the old school gym), and I really enjoy donuts - but that's not why I'm excited. I don't have any idea what to expect on the Phenology Walk/Birding Expedition starting at 9, especially not in rice paddies. But, I guess that's what's fun about nature walks, you never know what you'll find! And when someone as passionate and knowledgeable as John Latimer is leading the way (don't tell him I said that!) tiny little plants or critters that I normally don't notice suddenly become specimens of some exotic creature. A butterfly floating by isn't a fleeting moment, it's an opportunity to observe, identify and appreciate.

With the crazy weather we've been having this Spring (and the last year) it's hard to predict what we may find. There could be thousands of migrating birds... or not. But there definitely will be coffee and tea, there will be good company, and it's looking like great weather to get outside and explore around Clearbrook and see what we find. And just like the fun of not-knowing-what-comes next of a nature walk, we've got the mixed-tastiness of a potluck at Noon back at the Gathering Place! Booya!

All are welcome at the Phenology Walk/Birding Expedition with John Latimer this Sat., the 24th at the Gathering Place in Clearbrook (221 3rd Ave SW - here's a Google Map), meeting at 8:30am for coffee and rolls, walks starting at 9 and a potluck at Noon. If you're on Facebook, the event is listed here. As you can see in the picture to the right, John is so good at this, students from all over MN send him hand-drawn portraits! BE THERE!

This event was orchestrated by the KBXE Publicity Committee, a group of local volunteers working to raise awareness of 90.5 KBXE, a new, local station being built by Northern Community Radio, who have been operating 91.7 KAXE for 34 years in Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Virginia and the Iron Range, also heard at 89.9 in Brainerd and 105.3 in Bemidji. Get more information at KBXE.org

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