Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days? Called Monday?

by Heidi Holtan, KAXE's Outreach Producer

Maybe you showed up to work with two different shoes (Dan Houg). Maybe you forgot to shave or forgot your lunch or thought it was Wednesday when it was really Tuesday.

John Bauer started his week off a little shaky yesterday. Or so he came to learn. He threw on clothes, came to work, stopped in to see his wife at her workplace where he found out something that practically shut his Monday down.

She said to him, "Why are you wearing my jeans?"

Turns out he WAS indeed wearing his wife's jeans.

"That's why I'm chafing!" he said.

Later in the day he had to address a community group. Due to the tightness, John had changed to some gym shorts in his car. Gym shorts with paint splotches on them.

He got up to speak at the event and everyone's head went up and down, eyeballing and trying desperately to understand why someone would not just go out in public, but address a community group wearing gym shorts.

"Have I got a story for you..." John started off with. Within a matter of moments he had them eating out his hand. Overheard between a husband and wife at the meeting was "I'm NEVER getting into your pants!"

Ahh, Mondays. Beautiful Mondays. How was yours?

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Jack said...

On one visit to Leon, Nicaragua, I found that my extra pair of jeans was indeed Cindy's. It only became obvious when I got them about to my thighs and they would go no further. OSOD! Cindy wasn't coming for two weeks. What to do in the meantime? -- be very careful when eating and wear the same jeans. Now I always check when I pack.