Monday, April 12, 2010

Having a KAXE bumpersticker pays off!!!

by Heidi Holtan, KAXE's Outreach Producer

Brenda Greeley is a longtime member of KAXE (and former staffer!) and like any mom, she's always been concerned about keeping her kids safe.

"When Cait turned 16 we contemplated finding a used car for her to use. I was sick with worry but then my husband reminded me that she wasn't going to be alone out there on the roads."

Brenda and her husband Mark protected their young daughter with two things.

a. They ripped the knob off the radio on 91.7fm
b. They put a KAXE bumper sticker on the back bumper.

Consumer and safety expert Lance "Crash" Martin was the first in his field to note this unusual occurrence. "KAXE bumper stickers have proven to be one of the best indicators of durability and crash-less-ness. Quite frankly we don't get it. It's a sticker. And it's not the most attractive shade of green either!"

The Greeley's attention to detail and support of KAXE paid off. Young Caitlin used the car without problem or incident until her recent move to the West Coast. According to her facebook page, she credits her steady diet of KAXE's Realgoodwords, On the River and live music events as one of the reasons she's a well rounded individual. Modest to the core, sources close to Caitlin say it goes much deeper. "She's cool man. I mean super-cool. Knows music. Knows ridiculous trivia. And once she even started spouting off some stuff about birds and maple syrup and some guy named Martin Sexton!"

Recently the Greeley's put the trusty KAXE wagon up for sale. Brenda said, "In my heart of hearts I really knew it to be true that we would sell to someone who listens to KAXE!!! The buyer noticed right off that it had a KAXE bumper sticker and he had no problem that we ripped the knob off to 91.7fm. He listens to KAXE and loves it! It's the KAXE Connection!"

Got a KAXE bumper sticker story? Let us know!!!

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