Friday, July 30, 2010

Here Comes Stormy Weather

John Bauer saw a full size tree ripped out of the ground by wind while his golf bag stood still just 8 feet away... This week on Between You and Me it’s all about stormy weather. Have you ever been in a tornado? Got a good storm story to share? Between You and Me with Heidi Holtan is our weekly get-together – a mix of music and conversation from 10-noon Saturdays on 91.7 KAXE. You can share your story on our Facebook discussion board, email or call our talkback line 218-999-9876. John says he has a witness and everything!

Photo from KAXE Volunteer DJ and Photographer Karen Oothoudt

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Deborah said...

I was 5 when our family camped at Spirit Lake. A tornado ripped through in the early predawn and my dad grabbed me out of the tent. He was 5' 11" tall but as he carried me against the wind I could touch the grass on the ground from his arms, we were so bent in the force. In the intensity of the downpour our sleeping bags, tent, everything just floated on the surface of the sudden waters. We were lucky. Some weren't that day.