Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Scintillating Soul-Pop of Keri Noble

by Doug MacRostie

I had never heard of the term "soul-pop" before listening to Keri Noble, and with her clear and powerful voice and catchy, melodic music she introduces the genre very well. Her music falls into the pop category, but her vocals definitely have that soulful edge. With a Pastor father, Keri was raised in a religious home in Detroit and you can hear the gospel influence in her music. As she grew older in Minneapolis she started questioning the judgment and exclusion side of religion and wondered why there wasn't more prominence of love and acceptance - something she sings about in her amazing song "Born Again". When she heard Joni Mitchell's album 'Blue' in her late teens it inspired her to start writing songs and expressing her emotions through music. "My songs are about relationships, and not just the romantic's like therapy, you have to feel music." Keri will be my guest this week on Centerstage MN to talk about her new self-titled CD.

Keri Noble will be performing this Sat. at the 6th Annual 91.7 KAXE Mississippi River Festival under the Rotary Tent at the KAXE amphitheater in Grand Rapids along Pelican Railroad, the Brass Kings, Eilen Jewell and MN music legend Willie Murphy. Get more details here.

As a side-note: those of you who listen to Julie Crabb as The Mom of Pop Culture or listen to her host Green Cheese Trivia, Keri talks JUST like Julie. I don't mean her voice sounds the same, I mean they talk the same - the words, the rhythm, the style - listen for it and let me know if you agree :)

We'll also hear music from The Jayhawks and Bob Dylan, new music from The Brothers Burn Mountain, and Andy Dee's solo CD "Sweet Soul Sewage."

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