Friday, July 2, 2010

Lawn Mowing: Love it or Hate It?

This week on Between You and Me we're talking about something that may take a lot of your time in the summer: Lawn mowing.

Do you have a method to your madness? Have you stopped mowing your lawn? Was it one of your chores as a kid? Do the neighbors do it for you when you're gone?

KAXE producer Doug MacRostie says that he doesn't mind mowing, and with the right mix of music can even enjoy it. But, with all the other things to do it gets pushed way down the list. "It's just not a priority for me," he said, "And my 17 month old son likes to run around and pick the wild flowers." But just the other day while he was gone the neighbors used a tractor pulling a big mower blade to mow the side of the yard visible from the road. "You'd think we're in a gated community or something...really, what's the big deal? Are they offended by daisies?" asks MacRostie. What do you think? Do you mow or grow?

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