Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Did You Miss It? Never Fear, Our Archive is Here!

Check out some of these recent highlights from Northern Community Radio, like Winona LaDuke talking about Natural Harvest and her work at White Earth, the rich and uplifting feature on Hand Bells by Jennifer Poenix, the intimate and burning music of Sela Oveson from Orr and Anton Treuer about the dynamic and controversial 19th century Ojibwe leade Hole in the Day. Click to listen on your computer, or "right click" and "save as" to download the files and then load them onto your mp3 player. Enjoy!

Will Weaver and "The Last Hunter"
"The Last Hunter - An American Family Album" by MN Author Will Weaver. Check out more author interviews on the RealGoodArchive.

Aaron Brown on Christmas Trees
Christmas reminds us that we've survived another year and still have some semblance of a family and a haphazard network of friends... we made it! To honor this melancholy truth we cut down trees and put them in our houses. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Guido on Christmas Trees
You have to actually see this Christmas tree to fully appreciate it: it's black and upside down. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Sela Oveson and "Rogue Lightning"
I am very excited to welcome Sela Oveson back to Centerstage MN to talk about her debut album "Rogue Lightning." It's powerful stuff. As a solo artist her music is already commanding, but she invited many of her favorite Iron Range musicians to join her on this CD. When a song starts with her delicate guitar and then a bass note slides in, a drum pounds and you hear the pull of a violin the music wraps around you, inviting your mind to sail through the great unknown. Sela has captured Rogue Lightning in a bottle. Read More...

Ring Them Bells: One Woman's Hand Bell Story
Jennifer Poenix has been around hand bells since she was a youngster. The bells even rang at her wedding ceremony. Now she's in the bell choir at Community Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids. She tells us about the history of the bells and what they mean to her. Read More...

“The Assassination of Hole In The Day”: Author and Professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State, Anton Treuer, talks about his new book about the dynamic and controversial 19th century Ojibwe leader, Bagone-ghiizhig (a.k.a. Hole In The Day the Younger.  Get more stories from Our History here.

Winona LaDuke
Winona LaDuke talked with us about Native Harvest, local food, reviving traditional strains of corn and other goals of the White Earth Land Recovery Project. Get more Local Food stories here.

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