Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ryan Tischer's evocative photography

by Travis Ryder
The December 9 edition of Culturology features an interview with Northland-area photographer Ryan Tischer.  Justin Cook caught up with him at the recent Gifts Worth Giving event.

Tischer finds inspiration in the woods and waters of his home region, but also shows proficiency capturing the magic of the American Southwest.  "When you sit and you watch a sunset over the ocean, or over Lake Superior, there's that emotion," Tischer says.  "There's that feeling that you get deep inside, and it's really hard to convey that in words.  So what I always try to do is capture the emotional essence of the scene.  I don't try and just capture things literally, what the camera says is there, because that's never going to be what you feel."  Tischer hosts an open studio event this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 5 at 315 North Lake Avenue, Apartment 403, in Duluth.  The interview will be posted to the Culturology page and

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