Thursday, December 2, 2010

What is Northern Community Radio?

by Doug MacRostie

Instead of being tightly focused on one community, or genre of music, or time period; we throw a wider net, and at the same time get more specific. Northern Community Radio has worked for nearly 35 years to build community in Northern Minnesota through 91.7 KAXE with studios in Grand Rapids, serving Hibbing, Hill City, Virginia, Aitkin, Nashwauk, Bovey, Ball Club, Orr, Effie, Deer River and beyond. And in Bemidji at 105.3 and at 89.9 in Brainerd with low powered translators. As producers, we strive to present the stories and voices that make each area unique and share them through radio broadcasts, cultural events and interactive media. This is done through community support and volunteer programming; individuals from all over come together to create what we know as Northern Community Radio.

The idea of 90.5 KBXE was born of two factors. Wanting to preserve, enhance and expand the service of Northern Community Radio to Bagley, Bemidji, Gonvick, Debs, Clearbrook, Shevlin, and beyond.The other factor was a final window to apply from the FCC. It was a long shot, but we took it. And we got it.

With a very active and productive volunteer Publicity Committee, KBXE is already doing the cultural events and interactive media, and we are working to build the station and get the radio broadcasting going by March of 2012.

The process of building a new community radio station isn't easy, and we're making it more difficult by striving to have studios located in Bemidji. We are making it harder. But it's worth it. Having a second studio location for Northern Community Radio will give easier and better access for that region. There are numerous volunteers who make a 70+ mile drive to produce radio programs for KAXE, but a shorter commute for existing volunteers is just the beginning. New volunteers, new voices, new ideas all with easier and more direct access to local, independent, community media broadcasting clearly from a tower between Bagley and Bemidji

Closer than any 'sister station' relationship, the stations will be like the two sides of a brain - able to broadcast as Northern Community Radio for both 90.5 KBXE and 91.7 KAXE. Both will create programs and content. Both will work to discover, define and build the communities through local support, local volunteers and local content.

It's what we do.

Rock on,

Doug MacRostie
Northern Community Radio
260 NE 2nd St
Grand Rapids MN 55744

91.7 KAXE
90.5 KBXE

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